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Laboratory of Avian Disease

 The Laboratory of Avian Infectious Diseases Reaserch

        The laboratory of avian infectious diseases reaserch is one part of the public Laboratory of Guangdong Veterinary Public Health which located in Guangdong Veterinary Research Institute. It has 4 faculty members, including 2 senior researchers. The laboratory focuses on the studies of the etiology ,immunology, diagnostics and the technology of prevention and cure of avian infectious diseases that hazarding the animal husbandry. Nowadays, four projects funded by Technology Bureau of Guangdong province are carrying out.

         The laboratory has carried out many projects funded by Guangdong province and Ministry of Agriculture, and has been hornored with 14 prizes for its various achievements ,four of which are third-class prizes of Guangdong Science and Technology Progress. These achievements benefited the society and economy greatly.

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